*NOTE: If videos are not loading you might need a few upgrades on your browser. All videos can be found at

My Sea by Dakota Jean. A music video I filmed in London.

Valencia Under Water. Remapping aquarium footage from the City of Arts and Sciences.

London Panoramic Tour. Took a bus tour of London and this is what came of it.

Tea. British sweets and tea.

UVC-TV 19 Reel. This is a demo reel I edited together for UVC.

Play UVC-TV 19 Reel

Christmas Cookies. The first video I shot on the Canon T1i.

UVC-TV 19 Animation. I made this when I was learning how to make movies.

Banana Promo. This is a promo for UVC-TV 19, which had to involve a banana.

One Day – Matisyahu (Live, 2009-09-05 – Sage Hall – Northampton, MA) This is a multiple camera shoot. I’m on front row camera.

phat type actv promo. This is a short promo for ACTV using Motion.

Here Comes Spring and There It Goes.

Winter Postcard. This is the most recent creative short I have done. My brother built me a steady-cam out of some scraps of wood. So I decided to put that and the snow to good use.

Robots. This is the first animation I did. It was done in iMovie in 2007. Since then I have lost the original files, but have been able to tweak the music and make new titles.

Dahr Jamail. Independent journalist Dahr Jamail spoke to students about his experience reporting from Iraq. Dahr Jamail’s Mideast Dispachtes.



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  1. Peter Hobbs

    Nice work Rosie!

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