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Llama Lasagne

I went to the Three County Fair this passed weekend. The experience turned out better than I thought. What I wasn’t expecting was an awesome band. And I was impressed by the energy, humor, and talent of local band Llama Lasagne. They delivered a fun time for all. 

Check out some photos I took of them:

Click to view a slideshow.

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UMass Minute Torre

A flash rave was scheduled for Tuesday  December 15 at the W.E.B DuBois library at UMass Amherst. The flash rave occurred, but what was missing was the music. 

I took some photos and a bit of video. It was a bit lackluster and some were disappointed. But the highlight seemed to be the UMass Minute Torre – of course the UMass Minotaur isn’t actually UMass’ mascot. (You can also find him on Facebook.)

Without further ado, here he is in all his glory.

My slide show:

An informative news report by my companion S.P. Sullivan:

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