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Roses at the end of the sunset

Last night’s sunset wasn’t particularly spectacular, but I took a few photos anyways. Nearing the sun’s completion over the hills of the Valley, I snapped two exposures, I’m actually quite fond of. These two pictures of roses in my parent’s garden reminds me of the tones of Rossetti’s paintings. They were taken with on my DSLR with a slow film speed, low F-stop, and a shutter speed of around a second.

Rose buds.

Probably the most fragrant rose in my parent's garden.

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Photo of the Day – Paintings

January 10, 2010.

I made the graphics for Sean’s Web site, spsullivanmedia.com. Sean made the city nights-cape. He is a multimedia journalist. I made some geometry errors in the font. See if you can find them. Sean made some too but don’t point those out.

The result of Sunday afternoon with Seanie.

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