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Fixing the economy

There’s plenty of talk about why the economy is the way it is, and certainly the state of the economy. But, perhaps, we should ask, how can the economy be fixed? Well, I have just been informed of how the economy can be fixed…

I’m current;y taking an Economic Geography course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. For one class, we listened to Professor emeritus of economics at UMass Richard Wolff.

He said, the economic crisis occurred as a result of a structural problem between production and wages.   

Below are my notes. I hope they help people understand the economic crisis and how it can be fixed or even prevented.


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The future of this blog

I’ve been meaning to write this entry for a long time.

This blog originally started as part of a class. I meant to start a blog sooner, but Steve Fox’s multimedia journalism class at UMass pushed me to actually do it. It’s something journalists “have got to do.”

There were some major ups and downs, or rather, trouble narrowing down a topic. Blogs are supposed to be themed and are not supposed to be about saving the entire world in one sitting. The world – that’s something I couldn’t help. The world interests me too much to settle on one narrow, tiny topic.

I originally posted entries about people and unique things that often get looked over, like the performer under Angel Tunnel. Then I moved on to entries about documentary filmmaking because that’s what interests me and is something I always want to learn about.

Every so often Fox would give us reporting assignments, and those were posted. It was fun covering Sheila Bair’s lecture and talking to people about the possible loss of the Boston Globe.

Now that class is over, I can’t say I’m eager to delete this blog. I like having it. It’s fun to keep. I enjoy sharing my videos and documentary work and will continue to do so.

As for the next few months, I’ll be interning at WGBH Boston, teaching Final Cut editing workshops, and shooting my second documentary.

Stay tuned.

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