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The Woronieckis have hit the web

The Woroniekis are pretty infamous, especially the father of the family Michael Woronieki whose life was transformed by finding God and Jesus.

In the media realm, the family is infamous for perhaps influencing Andrea Yates to kill her children in 2001.

The family preaches. According to them, they travel around the world preaching the word of God. They don’t belong to any church in particular and they claim they don’t have any followers.

The Woronieckis claim they have been visiting the University of Massachusetts Amherst every year for many years preaching their message, handing out pamphlets and carrying giant signs. The last two years, I’ve interviewed members of the family at UMass.

Only until recently, have they hit the web in what seems to be a primary source.

They have their own website and blog, which appear to be updated by one of Michael Woroniecki’s sons, Joshua

Now that the Woronieckis have hit the web much like everyone else today, this could mean a huge expanse of preaching and thus a wider audience.

The Woronieckis have been accused of having a sort of brainwashing style. 

Having interviewed them twice, it is agreeable. But what gets me most is how they answer questions and how they talk to you. It’s as if they never come out of preaching mode. Every answer is long winded and is a lot to digest because everything alludes or pertains to God, Jesus, sinning, and the bible.

And, now, people who enjoy the preaching of the family, have 24/7 Internet access to their preaching lives, or at least videos, music, and blog entries. 

But don’t forget: the family is their own PR contact. They will put the spin on how they see fit.

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The Infamous Michael Woroniecki

Michael Woroniecki visited the UMass Amherst campus this passed fall. He said he has been coming to the campus for about 15 years.

Last year, the same man had been drawing a crowd, eccentrically preaching about God and Jesus.

On this last visit, Woroniecki was with his family, peacefully holding signs and handing out pamphlets, raising awareness about Jesus.

Okay, so who is Woroniecki?

Woroniecki is believed to be the preacher to have influenced Andrea Yates to kill her children in June 2001. (I didn’t know this until after I talked to him.)

He said he’s not part of any cult. He doesn’t believe in the church. He doesn’t participate in politics. Him and his family travel the world in a trailer, peacefully preaching for Jesus.

Woroniecki’s Wikipedia is quite interesting. It currently gives the most detailed account of his life, whether the information is true or not.

If you Google Woroniecki, an abundance of articles and Web sites come up.

MrRangerTom‘s YouTube channel displays the videos of a reverse fanatic. He has numerous video posts ridiculing and making fun of Woroniecki. But, in these short films are clips of Woroniecki preaching straight from the bible.

On the day Woroniecki was on the UMass campus, he was relatively calm, unlike other reports and video clips posted online.

A column about the same day by S.P. Sullivan.


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