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Photo of the Day – Sean and His New Phone

May 12, 2010

Sean (S.P. Sullivan) and his new phone.

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DO NOT Call Me

Recent emails going around stating that the Federal Communications Commission will be releasing cell phone numbers to tele-marketers and people will soon be receiving calls are false. The problem with the release of numbers would be that users would inevitably be charged for those annoying sales calls. The major claim was that there was some sort of deadline, so people would have to register with the FCC’s National Do Not Call list, or they would receive an influx of calls they would be charged for. The claims can be quelled. It was a bit of a hoax. No numbers are being released…

Wait what?!

Then why do I continue to get an abundance of ridiculous calls that I keep getting charged for?

In the two weeks before Christmas I received close to ten calls from unknown numbers. Immediately after I received a call from these unknown, I Googled the numbers. Without a doubt, every single number had previously been reported as a scam caller.

The calls have started coming again – and now by text message! Messages are now more absurd than ever.

So, despite the fact that the FCC said it is not releasing numbers, registering on the National Do Not Call list might still a priority.  We will see what happens…

For more information, here is the Federal Trade Commission’s statement: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2007/02/dnccellphones.shtm

And, here is the National Do Not Call Registry: https://www.donotcall.gov/

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