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100 Words For London


Parliament - see it at all times of day.


There are hundreds of words to describe London, but here are 100.

  1. Posh
  2. Poverty
  3. Clubbing
  4. Diverse
  5. History
  6. Fashion
  7. People
  8. Buildings
  9. Dance
  10. Films
  11. City
  12. Gardens
  13. Tourism
  14. Fast
  15. Cobbled
  16. Business
  17. Hip-hop
  18. Newspapers
  19. Rich
  20. Food
  21. Aesthetic
  22. Dark
  23. House
  24. Noise
  25. Big
  26. Languages
  27. Warm
  28. Pop
  29. Wet
  30. Digital
  31. Theatre
  32. Late
  33. Tea
  34. Dreary
  35. Free
  36. Expensive
  37. Parks
  38. Poor
  39. Television
  40. Graffiti
  41. Riding
  42. Trendy
  43. Clean
  44. Seeing
  45. Museums
  46. Culture
  47. Dirty
  48. Watching
  49. Punk
  50. Old
  51. New
  52. Fresh
  53. Hip
  54. Delicious
  55. Loud
  56. Close
  57. Underground
  58. Far
  59. Quiet
  60. Trees
  61. Beautiful
  62. Ugly
  63. Reserved
  64. Awake
  65. Centered
  66. Gated
  67. Photogenic
  68. Canalled
  69. Hills
  70. Buses
  71. Pavement
  72. Grass
  73. Cabs
  74. Accents
  75. Shrubs
  76. Lonely
  77. Passion
  78. Fountains
  79. Collective
  80. Biscuits
  81. Pubs
  82. Monuments
  83. Proper
  84. Open
  85. Humorous
  86. Protective
  87. Accepting
  88. Fun
  89. Hard
  90. Easy
  91. Love
  92. Poetry
  93. Traffic
  94. Rude
  95. Eager
  96. Wild
  97. Kind
  98. Mighty
  99. Proud
  100. Exceptional

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Photo of the Day – Overlooking Greenwich

April 16, 2010

Greenwich boasts a maritime museum, the Royal Observatory, and a great view.

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Photo of the Day – Protest

April 10, 2010

Socialist, social-welfare, and the like all being advocated at Trafalgar Square today.

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Photo of the Day – iheartstreetphotography


April 8, 2010

We went to check this iheartstreetphotography exhibit out. A little disappointing.

My flat mates and I set out to check this iheartstreetphoto exhibit  out. It was a little disappointing as you can see by the photograph. Not many people, just calming standing around stairing at the 4 foot by 4 foot square projection.

But the message is key!

I Heart Street Photo’s Twitter describes itself as, “An exhibition of new street photography in light of the impending government restrictions on photography in public places.”

I agree with Heart Street Photo.

According to their Web site, they are about the celebration of street photography.

I agree even more.

What is unique about I Heart Street Photo is the fact that photographers are being cracked down upon from taking photos – in public.

A Sunday Times article describes the situation many photographers – even tourists –  are facing in London and the world today. The article highlights how the loss of public or street photography can take away the necessary documentation of today’s current culture.

Where does the line between public and ‘privacy’ end?


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Hey Buddy Music Video Shoot

This is my Photo of the Day.

I was a Runner on a music video shoot for Hey Buddy TV. I also got to be an extra, which is always fun. The shoot was for a song called “Something Special” by a singer named Al Brown. Hey Buddy has previously made music videos such as Jay Sean‘s “Down.”

March 28, 2010

A Sony EX3 of course!


This is our star, Al.


This is the bar, where I was an extra with my buddies on the right.


The crew and stars at work. Emily, center, plays the girl Al the singer is following.


Colored lights always add a nice touch.


This is the bar tender, who, obviously isn't an actual bar tender.


The 'DJ' hanging out.


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Covent Garden

Covent Garden was a little more posh than I expected. It’s primarily a cool steel and glass structured building where artisans and their crafts filter out and off to the side.

Inside the CG.


Inside the building are cute little shops where one can drop a lot on soap that looks and smells like candy or a variety of teas and modern ornamented tea sets. The crafters in this area are more pricey and capitalized than those on the outskirts. There can be found hand blown glass ornaments, sewn kitsch dolls, or watch a scene get painted in a matter of minutes. Restaurants in this portion are more like fair foods that are slightly less greasy, smell a lot more appetizing, and will make your mouth water.

The symbol of CG.


Surrounding the center is cobbled walking areas where street performers set up and large crowds of tourists and Londoners alike gather. This is great for kids and their parents as the street performers cater their routine towards adults and children; there are a few jokes in there that slip right over their heads. There’s the small church and garden, as well as other aesthetically pleasing pieces of architecture. Heading off on the side streets, there are numerous cool and trendy shopping stores, however, if you are set on a pair of Doc Martins, be ready to drop at least 70 Quid.

Pretty crowed, only I don't get why. Maybe they don't know either.

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Photo of the Day – Walking Boots

March 8, 2010

These boots were made for walking.

London takes a lot of walking – even with their great metro transportation system – the tube, and their even more detail routed bus system. If there’s one kind of shoe Londoners seem to wear most – it’s the flat knee-high boot. And I’ve worn these since I got to the city in January. Still working head-on strong, these boots will be worn and adventures they have taken and will take.


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