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UMass Kwanzaa Celebration 2009

The University of Massachusetts Amherst celebrated Kwanzaa last week with other members of the UMass Amherst community. I created this news package with Naychelle Lucas and Maia McDermott.

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Sunderland’s vote to raise taxes or make cuts

Sunderland, Mass. is a bedroom community for University of Massachusetts Amherst students and a small town filled with farmers, crunchies, old people, families with young children, red-necks, and those devoted to town politics.

Like other communities, Sunderland is being faced with less money from the state and the decision to raise taxes or cut services.

According to The Greenfield Recorder, this is the first time a vote like this has occurred in 15 years.

Some residents may have received a detailed flier in the mail pushing for an override. Supporters of the override make the case for appropriate funding for the school, trash pick-up, police, and library services. 

If the increase does not go through, people will have to arrange for their own disposal of trash, teachers and school programs will be cut, police services will be reduced, and free library services will no longer be free or available.

I haven’t come across any arguments for why the override should be voted against, except that it is “too much” money.

WWLP reports the override is gaining support.

The override vote was also mentioned in the Sunderland Elementary School Sentinel.

None-the-less, both sides are putting up a good fight in the signage department. So check out the very unscientific poll I have compiled.

Registered voters can cast their ballot on July 18, 2009 at the Sunderland Elementary School. Here’s a specimen ballot. On Sunderland’s Web site, there is a chart showing the impact of the tax override.


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*Bolded is an update in this post as of July 18, 2009.


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