Web design ugliness

I’m going to be changing up the pace and kinds of postings on this blog for you all.

I’m taking a journalism course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst called Web Design For Journalists, taught by Brian McDermott. Through the class I will be learning web design skills, taking some quizzes, and producing a website, which will, hopefully, be the new RosieWalunas.com.

Part of our first assignment is to find an awfully designed website and write a blog entry about it. Actually what has been assigned:

• Find a terribly designed website. It can be about anything suitable to show in class. Then, tell me why it’s so awful in 150-250 words on your newly posted blog. Be specific. For example, is the site hard to navigate around? Are the colors ugly? Is there too much motion? Make sure you link to the site in your post. – Brian McDermott

My search for an ugly website began. It’s harder to find an awful designed website when you are looking for one. It seems that they just pop out of no where when you are least expecting it.

Initially I typed “ugly websites” in to Google, which resulted in me finding THE BIG UGLY WEBSITE, which is painfully hideous. I will save your eyes for the moment, but you are welcome to click on the link.

None-the-less I stumbled upon some poor web design for the West Virginia Hippie Fest‘s website. I hope they know they don’t have to live this way online.

I hope no one is offended by this review.


Allow me to create an organized list of what is so wrong about this web design.

  • The colors aren’t a great combination, but they are suitable for the site’s content.
  • There are issues with the scroll bar. The site cannot be view in a whole frame, unless seen on a large screen, without scrolling horizontally.
  • Some of the graphics are pixelated, which could be a photographer/designer issue or a web designer issue.
  • The layout of graphics, buttons, and photos is not aesthetically pleasing. There are many awkwardly overlapping squares and rectangles.
  • Because of the odd layout, it makes navigating the site hard on the eyes.
  • After scrolling down, a gigantic table appears. It is hard too read, involves too much scrolling, and, although organized by date, it’s difficult to figure out the information presented because of the layout.
  • What I think they did an awesome job of is including a donation button. It appears to be a PayPal link, but I don’t know for sure because when the page loads I keep encountering errors (that’s a problem)… maybe I will try back later.

Hopefully, I can work on building a site that will not included these attributes to creating a terribly designed website. Stay tuned for my post about a well-designed website.

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