FUSE Rally At UMass

FUSE – Fighting for Unity and Student Enrichment held a rally today on the steps of the UMass Student Union.

Photo of the day: Rally.

Leaflets at the rally state, “By Fall 2010, the UMass administration plans to put the four resource centers that presently serve ALANA students into one program called the Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS), to serve current and future ALANA students.” 

A bit small than most UMass rallies, but the spirit was there.


Native Americans Student Services is one of the services centers at risk to being watered down.

Don't move our cheese.

For more information on FUSE, one can email Umassfuse@googlegroups.com and visit http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/umassresourcecenters.

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One response to “FUSE Rally At UMass

  1. Tom Rush

    I just caught a video clip that you did on the Woroniecki family. Thank you for posting it! I’ve known them for a good many years, believe firmly in the message that they share, and it’s always good to see things that pertain to them on the web that are presented in an unbiased format. My only regret is that the clip I viewed was only about 3-4 minutes in length, I wish there had been more. Thank you though for sharing what you did!! Jesus is coming soon, I hope your heart is ready!

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