Sermons in books

I’ve been researching stone walls for a school project. So I checked some books out from the library.

When I opened Sermons in Stone: The Stone Walls of New England and New York, by Susan Allport, I found someone had written their own inscription, or perhaps sermon, or, something inside the cover’s check-out card pocket.

It reads in a vertical column: YOU, ME, HIM, THEM, US, HER, IT.  In a horizontal row reads: NOW, TOMORROW. Then implies these words won’t change between now and tomorrow, the future. I wonder if the writer is alluding to pronouns and genders. I don’t know. Why, in this book? Who?

According to this Web site with no clear title or author, these are object pronouns, and the site allows one to fill in the pronoun blanks.

I found a blog called you me him and her. It has many images of fashionable and design savvy items.

There is also a song by Jay-Z called “You, Me, Him and Her.”

And there is a movie based on a book called And Now Tomorrow.

Only speculation. And mystery.

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