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Mount Toby Waterfall Slide Show

One of my favorite places to walk and go on a quick hike is Mt. Toby. Sunday I shot some photos at one side of the mountain where there are waterfalls, then assembled them into a quick slide show. It’s not my best work, but I now have some ideas for another video. Anyways, take a look.

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Camera Obscura Test 01

For at least a year I have be meaning to put together a camera obscura. Finally, today, I busted out the black garbage bags and masking tape.

I covered one of two windows with a sheet. I used four garbage bags (two layers) to cover the window where my light source was coming from. Masking tape was used to bind everything together and cover up any cracks of light.

Not wanting to cut into the garbage bags and waste the plastic, I took a toilet paper tube and mounted it between the top frame of plastic and the bottom frame of plastic.

A manila envelope also helped me out a bit.

Now you will have to turn your head up side down, or your computer.

A white sheet or having white walls would have definitely helped!

This erie looking one is of melting snow on the ground.

That’s it for now! Of course, there will be more to come. Hopefully with white walls.

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This is the most sequential thing I’ve shot on the Canon T1i. Clearly its automatic settings aren’t the greatest in low light – it’s no 5d Mark, but I think the results are great compared to other still cameras that shoot video.

There are a few continuity errors. Feel free to point them out. I’ll keep a tally. 

Not too sure how to categorize this piece, but one might consider calling it a documentary montage. It’s not really an essay. For the record, the cat jumped up there herself (poor manners).

More to come!

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Light Graffiti

Last week I had some fun with a friend making light graffiti drawings.

Here are a few, you can also check out the Album. We also made a video.

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Woroniecki Family Visited UMass In October

This is some video footage I shot this year of the Woroniecki family.

This is the video footage I shot of them last year.

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UMass Fine Arts Center At Night

This is what the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Fine Arts Center looks like at night. I enjoy the red, green, and blue color combinations most because they are the colors that make up all the other colors of images, and most importantly, video images.


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UMass Minute Torre

A flash rave was scheduled for Tuesday  December 15 at the W.E.B DuBois library at UMass Amherst. The flash rave occurred, but what was missing was the music. 

I took some photos and a bit of video. It was a bit lackluster and some were disappointed. But the highlight seemed to be the UMass Minute Torre – of course the UMass Minotaur isn’t actually UMass’ mascot. (You can also find him on Facebook.)

Without further ado, here he is in all his glory.

My slide show:

An informative news report by my companion S.P. Sullivan:

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