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Taking Back Campus Web site

My first documentary, Taking Back Campus, will be screened this fall, so I am constructing another WordPress site for it.

It’s pretty minimal right now. More information will be posted shortly.

The complete film will be available to watch on the site after the screening.

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Rockclimbing Upper West Bolton

I’m a kind enough older sister to belay my rockclimber brother wherever and whenever he wants to climb.

This Saturday we headed over to the Upper West Bolton crag in Bolton, Vermont located off of Bolton Notch road off Route 2, the Upper West Bolton climbing area was purchased by Crag VT climbing group.

I’m a novice climber that manages to pull myself up a lot of things but takes few risks, while my brother climbs at a high/moderate skill level and is constantly developing, and trying brand new unclimbed routes.

According to my brother, the Upper West Bolton crag boasts limitless places to rockclimb for climbers of all skill levels.

Nestled in a somewhat thick woods, though is very accessible from the road, the rock face allows for bolted, top rope and the opportunity to use traditional style gear, like nuts and cams.

The rock structure isn’t completely consistent or too smooth, leaving plenty of holds and crevices for hands and feet for people tall and short. Routes are easy to find and seem infinite.

Even at high noon on a sunny Saturday there were few people in the area. Only four other climbers were at the crag, and there was no need to have to share or take turns with the space.

Some routes and chimneys we wanted to climb weren’t suitable for taking up rope slack because of friction, so it’s good to be familiar with belaying from the top.

It was difficult to find places to rig our rope, not because there weren’t enough sturdy trees, but because it was hard to see where routes matched up at the cliff’s top. But there is plenty of easy places to rig the rope. So plan to spend the day climbing.

Cellphone services is good, and the area is beautiful.

The trek to the Upper West Bolton is definitely worth while because there are so many lines, the rock is unique, and there is enough to keep any climber occupied for a few days.

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Is this Springfield, Mass.?

I stumbled across this video posted on YouTube by westernmassedc called ITS YOUR MOVE!

The video’s copyright is owned by the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts.

“The EDC is a private, non profit corporation that is leading the region’s economic development by helping businesses to expand, relocate and succeed in Western Massachusetts,” according to the EDC’s Web site. has a story on the video.

I’ve often thought about making a video of Western Massachusetts through my eyes – not a promotional video – just one point of view of the region.

Of course, everyone perceives an area differently.

I’m wondering what others, local and non-local, think about the video and the region. What does this video represent? Springfield? Western Massachusetts? The Pioneer Valley?

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ICP at UMass Amherst… sort of

One might have found Insane Clown Posse images pasted cleverly around the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus at the end of the semester.

Some of the pasted pieces of paper have survived the dreary weather, while many have dissolved.

The Insane Clown Posse has been around for a while; the clowns have remained big in the underground.

This video clip of ICP is from 1995, according to SacredC0w‘s YouTube page.

Loads of ICP videos are posted on YouTube and various Web sites.

PBS’s Frontline included the group in an episode called The Merchants of Cool. has an article called “THIRTY REASONS WHY THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE’S 2009 GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS INFOMERCIAL IS THE GREATEST YOUTUBE CLIP EVER.”

Non-the-less, the group is still a controversial act after more than ten years.

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Results of Sunderland’s failed override

The article “Sunderland parents plan $100K fundraiser” by Ben Storrow appeared in the Greenfield Recorder Thursday.

The article summarizes how parents of children who attend Sunderland Elementary School plan to raise funds for the school; music, art and technology programs were cut after the failed override. Some students have already “choiced out” of Sunderland elementary, while others won’t be known to have choiced out until Sept 2.

The article “Sunderland reacts to ‘pothole’ money veto” by Ben Storrow appeared in the Greenfield Recorder today.

The article summarizes how Gov. Deval Patrick vetoed $2 million of “pothole funds.”

Read the background on this story…

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Kilroy spotting

I found another Kilroy  in Amherst. (unfortunately I forgot to post this sooner. I took this photograph back in July.)

Click to see a previous post on Kilroy in the Pioneer Valley


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Messages with graffiti

I see similarities between the following photographs of graffiti found in Amherst. I suspect they are done by the same person. 

I would like to meet this person and interview them about their images and the messages they are trying to convey. Their identity may be hidden for legal purposes. 


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