Sunderland override poetry

I’m wondering what people think of this little sign I found (yes late and after the override vote). What does it mean? What was the author trying to convey besides rejection of Sunderland’s proposed override?

Poetry or propaganda against the Sunderland override

Poetry or propaganda against the Sunderland override


An article regarding cuts the Sunderland Elementary School is facing appeared in The Recorder today. I can’t seem to find it online, but I will link to it if it gets posted.


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One response to “Sunderland override poetry

  1. Scottt Bergeron


    I believe your coverage of the consternation that Sunderland is going through is the most accurate.

    The Town is more reality than concept, by that I mean as the decisions are made by elected officials and the residents we shape our very existence.

    As an elected official I have reserved personal comment during this process, Our goal is to work toward the best possible services for all the residents, recognizing the cost and benefits of these services.
    The challenge we have is to not only hear, but to listen to the information, for residents, to make what is a very personal decision on the future of Town services.

    As the Town moves forward I sincerely hope that the residents in total feel they can go to Town Meeting and vote the Town budget while looking at their neighbors and be honest in the discussion on what are the priorities.

    Keep up the great work

    A fan of your work

    Scott Bergeron

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