Sunderland Comments: Yes, No

Read more of Sunderland Residents comment here

Read more of Sunderland Resident's comment here


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2 responses to “Sunderland Comments: Yes, No

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  2. Shelly

    My vote will be a yes for Saturday. Not only for the purpose of our school but the many other things our town offers.
    I enjoyed 2 great family day’s here in Sunderland.
    One was the
    Memorial Day Parade which the Fire Department offered free hotdogs and other goodies.
    I enjoyed visits with many people. Second I enjoyed a great day at a fishing derby. That also gave the children many free prizes and another BBQ.
    Let’s not forget the Fall festival and the Rec. dept that sponsors many events for adults and children.
    If the vote does not pass we may lose all these extra’s that we may not think about often. Free fun activities!
    Finding your own trash pick-up that will cost at least $60.-$80. a month. I would rather keep what we have and put that money into my taxes.
    I totally understand the hardships.
    My husband just started work after spending the last 8 years recovering from an accident. I received my pink slip from the school and I am unemployed now. It never seems to end. But we find a way. It’s not easy, I hope people really think about what this town will look like with no overide.
    Please vote YES.

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