Sunderland’s signage continues

Sunderland is still dueling till the battle of taxes and cuts, as mentioned in yesterday’s post and video.


On “NO”

Finally, however, here is someone who left a comment against the override, and perhaps part of the “NO” signage.

Count it even


Background on the very unscientific poll

I road a bicycle around Sunderland taking pictures of the persuasive signage regarding Saturday’s vote to cut services or raise taxes.

I took pictures of every sign, whether it was in support of or against the override, I saw on my little route. I may have missed some signs, but I did my best to take pictures of them equally as they appeared.


Signage route

  • North on Route 116
  • North onto Route 47, turn around, head south
  • Left onto Old Amherst Road
  • Right onto Russell Street
  • Left onto Plumtree Road
  • Left onto South Silver Lane, turn around
  • Left onto Plumtree Road
  • End at 116


If you missed it

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