Knitters more hardcore than I thought

Well, the knitters are even more hardcore than I thought. They certainly take their fibers seriously.

Knitter Twitters

Knitter Twitters


Erin left this comment on the last post:

I think is another that you will like. I stumbled upon them through another art/craft site and am curious if they were the first to do this… ? I know they got corporate sponsorship from a yarn company to knit signs and poles and such in Paris. Check them out!

Here’s the link to This “crew” is decked out as Knit The City is. Knitta also has merchandise. That’s serious.

I wonder if the knit crews have duals, or knit-offs.

Maybe the slam-down could be featured on Knit and Crochet Today on PBS.

As long as the yarn keeps me cozy in winter, I’ll be satisfied.


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