Not spray paint, but yarn

They are guerilla knitters. That’s what they call themselves. 

I don’t know much about them but they stubbled upon my blog, thus I’ve stumbled upon theirs. 

I’ve never seen such hardcore knitters. Not even my metal-welding brother, who crochets, is this hardcore.

I’ve never seen graffiti (or whatever you call it) like this before. But I’ll leave you with some links and videos to get your fix.

Hopefully, at some point, I can do a video profile on some of them.

There’s Their latest post displays pictures of how they knit up a convent. Knit The City also has a Twitter, so you can stay posted.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of is another site. The graffiti tag (literally a tag) is certainly unique.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Thatdeangirl‘s YoutTube is quite entertaining.

Well, hope everyone got their knit fix.


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2 responses to “Not spray paint, but yarn

  1. Hee hee. Thanks for the linkage. 🙂

    Deadly Knitshade x

  2. erin

    I think is another that you will like. I stumbled upon them through another art/craft site and am curious if they were the first to do this… ? I know they got corporate sponsorship from a yarn company to knit signs and poles and such in Paris. Check them out!

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