The value of urban trees

I dug these up and out of iPhoto.

I was walking around Amherst on April 25 and found many of the trees on the common had red paper tags attached to them.

The red tags described “the value of urban trees.”

“The mission of the Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition is to transform Boston’s urban forest in order to improve the urban ecosystem, public health and the quality of life of Boston’s residents,” according to the Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition Web site. The BUFC is coalition of non-profits whose goal is to improve the environment and public life of Boston’s citizens.

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, trees are extremely valuable to urban environments and “have environmental, social, aesthetic, and economic values.” Trees can control erosion and pollution, reduce the cost of air-conditioning, and serves wildlife, according to the Web site.

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service states, the value of trees in urban environments goes beyond the ecosystem and health, and saves money. According to the site, there are “psychological and aesthetic values” as well as social and historic values.

For more information, check out this PDF called The Citizen Forester by the Massachusetts Urban Forestry Program.


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