Product endorsement and breaking the news update

I just want to point out Frontline’s journalistic standards, as they pertain to my previous post, “Product endorsement and breaking the news.”

Frontline is an award winning news documentary program, which broadcasts nationally.

Part of the news-breaking-battle is the sponsorship and advertisers and the story being reported.

Here is an excerpt from Frontline’s Web site:

“…Once a project is funded, producers should try and avoid contact with funders except for promotional purposes. Sometimes, however, projects come to WGBH after independent producers have already had discussions with funders. In those cases the producer is obligated to disclose to the Executive Producer the nature of those conversations and to keep the Executive Producer informed of any future ones.” 

(“Funding a Program” 11.)

The program has many more guidelines, which pertain to the ethics of journalism.


I’m working to find more journalism ethics and guidelines from major media outlets. Let me know if you know of any. Please feel free to comment.

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