Is it time for TV news to step it up?

No laughing matter, and an obvious fact – the newspaper business is headed in an uncertain direction, and I’m wondering if television news could have a greater impact in the future.

Papers are shutting down left and right. The Boston Globe is in jeopardy, as The New York Time’s Co. has threatened to shut it down. The search for solutions is dire.

According to one blogger, United States newspaper circulation in 2008 was 48 million. Also in 2008, about 113 million households owned a TV. Approximately 112,568,762 get their news online.

Newspapers are moving to an online format, if they can afford it.

But Americans still get most of their news from TV stations.

I’m proposing this lull in journalism, meaning the transition, should be taken advantage of by TV stations and video production companies to break the news.

Anchored news programs should focus even more on breaking news and mini-documentary programming, so quality will improve (I have high hopes) and viewers will keep coming back. TV news (everywhere) should be presented in a more serious manner where and when necessary, and should target a more diverse population.

The same news should also be presented, not overdubbed, in languages other than English – such as Spanish.

If people are not going to, or able to, look up news on the Internet, and newspapers vanish, television programming needs to fill the void with news.

Read a post about the “after-life for news papers” by Mark Glaser.

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