Interview with filmmaker Ibtisam Mara’ana

Wednesday I had the opportunity to interview Palestinian-Arab Israeli filmmaker Ibtisam Salh Mara’ana.

Mara’ana came to following up the screening of her new  documentary “Lady Kul el-Arab” at the Massachusetts Multicultural Film Festival.

Most of Mara’ana’s films are documentaries. “Paradise Lost” is a documentary about the small fishing village on the Mediterranean of Paradise, where Mara’ana was born in 1975. “One of the few Arab communities remaining after the 1948 war, Paradise became culturally and politically isolated as Jewish settlements sprung up around it, and today it is a place defined by silence and repression,” according to the Women Make Movies Web site.

Women’s stories and culture are common themes in Mara’ana’s films. 3 Times Divorced” is about a Palestinian woman in Israel whose abused by her Arab-Israeli husband. The woman is left divorced, struggling to get her children back, and battling the state of Israel in court.

“Lady Kul el-Arab” is about a young Druze woman who is a finalist in an Israeli-Arab beauty pageant. She decides to enter an Israeli beauty pageant as well, when her family and life is confronted with a series of events and cultural disputes.

The screening was followed by a question and answer session, and I sat down with Mara’ana to talk about her filmmaking. Mara’ana graduated from the Jewish-Arab academic center of Givat Haviva where she studied cinema.


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7 responses to “Interview with filmmaker Ibtisam Mara’ana

  1. Peter Hobbs

    Great interview, Rosie! I’m really impressed by what you’re doing!

  2. rosiewalunas

    Thanks! I’m impressed someone keeps coming back to my blog, not to mention leaves comments. More to come later…

  3. Hadas

    I could not get the video to work properly. Can you please see if something is wrong in the way it was loaded? Thank you.

    • rosiewalunas

      It seems to be working fine. It may be your Internet connection. You could try allowing the video to stream longer. I will check the video again later, and contact Vimeo, if it doesn’t work. Sorry about that.

  4. Margot Heijnsbroek

    Can you please give me the right email address of Ibtisam?
    I try desperately to contact her, because we want to screen her film ‘Three Times Divored’ on a Women Film Festival next March in The Hague, Netherlands.

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