Documentary Shows the ‘Real’ Republican Side

Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has come out with a new documentary film Right America: Feeling Wronged

Pelosi, a liberal, typically makes films about Conservatives. In 2003, she made the friendly film about George W. Bush Journeys with George.

This time, Pelosi set out to make a film about Conservative Republicans who don’t get the media coverage that people see on liberal news outlets or FOX News. “Many of the people who attended the McCain campaign rallies complained — rightfully so, Pelosi believes — that the mainstream media weren’t interested in hearing what they had to say,” wrote David Bauder for the Associated Press

“Well, more than 58 million people voted for John McCain, and I know that everyone on the coasts is on an Obama honeymoon right now, and they seem to forget that more than 58 million people did not want Barack Obama to be their president,” Pelosi said in an interview with Mark Schome on

Making the film, Pelosi said she was treated like she was a member of al-Quaida, at times feeling like she was going to be lynched, people called her mother ‘Nazi Pelosi,’ and was even spat on

Pelosi’s interactions weren’t always negative. Pelosi said on The Sean Hannity Show she made a lot of friends and some people were nice to her because of Journeys with George. 

Right America: Feeling Wronged premiered February 16 on HBO.


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