The Infamous Michael Woroniecki

Michael Woroniecki visited the UMass Amherst campus this passed fall. He said he has been coming to the campus for about 15 years.

Last year, the same man had been drawing a crowd, eccentrically preaching about God and Jesus.

On this last visit, Woroniecki was with his family, peacefully holding signs and handing out pamphlets, raising awareness about Jesus.

Okay, so who is Woroniecki?

Woroniecki is believed to be the preacher to have influenced Andrea Yates to kill her children in June 2001. (I didn’t know this until after I talked to him.)

He said he’s not part of any cult. He doesn’t believe in the church. He doesn’t participate in politics. Him and his family travel the world in a trailer, peacefully preaching for Jesus.

Woroniecki’s Wikipedia is quite interesting. It currently gives the most detailed account of his life, whether the information is true or not.

If you Google Woroniecki, an abundance of articles and Web sites come up.

MrRangerTom‘s YouTube channel displays the videos of a reverse fanatic. He has numerous video posts ridiculing and making fun of Woroniecki. But, in these short films are clips of Woroniecki preaching straight from the bible.

On the day Woroniecki was on the UMass campus, he was relatively calm, unlike other reports and video clips posted online.

A column about the same day by S.P. Sullivan.


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4 responses to “The Infamous Michael Woroniecki

  1. For the last 8 years, the wolf Michael Woroniecki, has had the arduous task of implementing “damage control” to his “sheepskin” facade. In other video and audio clips I have of the man, he comes out as the unstable, psychotic fool that he truly is, the kind I was told he is perceived to be according to his very thick FBI file.

    Woroniecki didn’t change his approach overnight. I was fooled by this exact same gentle, caring facade over 25 years ago. He didn’t come to me foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. This man knows how to play the role of “concerned Christian minister”. He observed the legitimate church flock for over 6 years before diverging on his antichurch message.

    The truth is, he is just a rejected, bitter man. His psychological instability, probably having first emerged by the age of 5-1/2 according to his relatives, prevented him from enjoying a leadership role in the churches. His bitterness is so extreme, that he won’t tolerate anyone under his discipleship to enjoy the title of “born again Christian,” saved from the burning hell. Only his family of eight ever make it. Eventually, Woroniecki finds some reason to dismiss his disciple to hell, like a cat who is finally tired of playing with his prey.

    With Andrea Yates, Mike convinced her that her depression was the proof she was separated from God and going to hell. (I have a tract called “You are Running out of Time”, circa. 1996, posted on, that states this very belief). Because she was a mother, she would teach her iniquity to them and damn them to hell forever. When she saw her kids misbehaving because of the understandable disruption her hospitalizations brought to her family life, she was convinced she had “ruined” them, an omen that Woroniecki’s “prophecy” had come true. In her psychosis, she decided to kill them before they reached the age of accountability. Woroniecki had told her that it was the only hope for children of such “wicked” parents.

    Mike is like the giant alien cockroach that crash landed on Earth in the original “Men in Black” motion picture. He’s stuffed himself in the skin of an earth man to go about his business of finding the shrunken galaxy hidden on earth. Every now and then you can see the pressure of holding all of that insect inside that tiny human skin work to almost reveal the true, hidden, inner identity. It took me years to see through Mike’s facade, once the facade took hold.

    Don’t anyone be fooled by his pretentious video display. Behind the caring mask is a ravenous wolf who ate the five children of Andrea Yates, and a lot of other disciples who never emerged on the scope of the media radar.

  2. Although I have an admission of Woroniecki pushing a police officer in Europe on the videos posted at YouTube, another of him expressing his hatred of Americans to Europeans, and have proven that Woroniecki slandered his disciple Yates as a vindictive murderess who hated her husband, it might still be hard to believe for some of you that his caring presentation is nothing more than a facade. I know indirectly from the FBI that Woroniecki’s file contains the evaluation that he is psychologically unstable and is becoming progressively more so. If that is true, then my warnings about him are not the rantings of an embittered ex-disciple, but are profitable for protecting the social lives and careers of students. I would encourage anyone that still doubts my assesment of Mike and has a relative in the FBI or police to check his file and get a nod either yea or nay from him/her that the position that Woroniecki is unstable is truly held by people in the know. All bible cult leaders preach “straight from the bible.” This is exactly how Jesus warned false ministers would approach them. It is worth understanding from psychology that sociopaths excercise the device of facade to cover their true pathological state.

  3. WolfWitness

    Yes, I agree with MrRangerTom because I encountered the Woroniecki family 10 years ago in college.

    The one thing about his mental state is he is always right and always wins. He won’t say that to you, but that is the way it is. Try not sending him any money nor giving him any control over your life and see how far you get… he won’t tolerate you long, I can vouch for that!

    I almost vomited when I saw his interview with Stone Phillips on NBC news. Andrea Yates did what she did and he accepted no responsibility for it just like he accepts responsibility for nothing else. He leaves a wake of destruction behind him for those who are lured into the trap. It is not holy, it is psychotic. Like the anecdotes of a bad acid trip.

  4. MrRangerTom

    WolfWitness, I appreciate your comment.

    You hit the nail on the head about Mike. You really do have this guy down pat–he’s top dog–always the winner– or you are out, even though you never really get to be “in”.

    Sometimes I feel alone in warning people about this guy. Sure, I know I’m not alone in that task. There are other people who have tried to expose him. But when people who hardly know this guy defend his “freedom of speech” or suspect I’m JUST some disgruntled ex-follower, it makes ME want to vomit. It’s an insult added to injury.

    I’d appreciate hearing further from you if you would like to chat about your experience with him. Just send me a message on my YouTube account (MrRangerTom). I recently posted a new video there about one of Mike’s chief pathologies. I can answer any of your questions about him (to the extent of my personal and researched knowledge) if you’d like. I used to have an AOL site documenting my understanding of him, but that was removed when AOL discontinued hosting websites in October 2008.

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